Rick Barrier, Mediator

A better way to resolve disputes: in Vancouver, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska
About Rick Barrier
I have had the pleasure of mediating disputes for over 10 years, most of which has been in Alaska, and now will expand to the Vancouver, Washington/Portland area. My initial mediation training in 1998 was in Eugene, Oregon, and I am returning closer to my mediation origin.  

In Anchorage I had the opportunity initially to work with the Resolution Center in extensive victim/offender and parent/adolescent mediations.  During that time I also was instrumental in establishing a small claims mediation project, at the Anchorage District Court.  The volunteer mediators provide a tremendous service to the Court each week, and the District Court Judges have learned first hand the benefits of mediating these disputes.  When cases settle through mediation, the parties typically leave the courthouse with a relatively good feeling about the process.  I never saw too many smiles from the parties that ended up with a court trial.  

I have successfully mediated large construction contract disputes; labor/management disputes; divorce and custody disputes; general commercial disputes.  Most of my experience has been in what is termed "interest-based" mediation, which is a way of identifying a process where the parties are asked to examine their interests in a dispute, and find a common ground for settling the case.  I have also done frequent "transformative" mediations, primarily for the U.S. Postal Service.  The process is focused on the relationship of employees with their supervisors, and developing better long term connections.

I welcome every opportunity to mediate, and sincerely believe that most disputes can best be resolved through the mediation process.  If you are experiencing a dispute that you are unable to resolve directly with the other party, please give me a call.  907-250-5698 or 360-844-5569.  Or email me at rbarrier@mediate.com.